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Air Gun Pellets and BB's

Air Gun Pellets and BB's

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Prices can vary from £4.79 - £14.49. Full details in store.

Pellets and BB's Stocked:

  • RWS .22/.177 (Superdome, Superfield, Super Point, Super Hollow Point, R10 Match)
  • Webley .22/.177  (Accupell, Powapell)
  • JSB .22/.177 (Diabolo Exact, Hades)
  • H&N .177/.20/.22/.25 (FTT, Baracuda, Baracuda Match, Baracuda Hunter Extreme)
  • Bisley .22/.177 (Magnum, Practice)
  • BSA .22/.177 (Storm, Target)
  • Remington .22 (Promethius)
  • Sig Sauer .177 (Wraith - Copper)
  • Umarex (4.5mm Steel BB's)
  • Armex (4.5mm Steel BB's)
  • Milbro (6mm .20 White Airsoft BB's)

We can order in many other brands and types of pellets not shown here.