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Airgun Bottles, Dive Cylinders and Local Filling Services

We stock pre-filled 7ltr Hydrotech 300BAR cylinders complete with airgun reducer valve, gauge, hose and 1/8 BSP fittings.

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PCP Air Gun Filling Service

We can fill precharged air rifles and air pistols on site for £4.00 inc VAT
We have a high quality compressor to ensure only clean air is delivered to your airgun. Drop off your air gun during working hours and we'll endeavor to fill it whilst you wait.


Air Cylinder Filling Services

Information on refilling services for Air Cylinders, Air Bottles and Dive Bottles in Carlisle, Cumbria. For use with Pre Charged Pneumatic (PCP) air guns and paintball guns.

For the professional charging of 300BAR air cylinders, please visit:

System Hydraulics Ltd, Unit 1 Crown Street, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA2 5AB

*Air cylinders must be in test and are filled at the discretion of the filler.


Your bottle must be 'in test':

Surface-use-only valves only need to be tested every five years (a full, hydrostatic test). If your valve has a pre-fitted gauge like the one pictured below, then you have a 'Surface use only' bottle. Most dive centers can offer a full hydrostatic test from around £40.00 Inc VAT.


Those bottle with valves which could be used underwater for diving - regardless of whether they are or not - need to be tested every two-and-a-half years. There will be no guage on the side of the valve in this instance. It will be in-line.


Surface only bottles will often last a very long time as they do not suffer from any salt corrosion.