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BSA Portable PCP Electric Compressor 12v and 240v

BSA Portable PCP Electric Compressor 12v and 240v

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This is one we can vouch for! We use the same model in our workshop. It has been running for a minimum of 1 hour per working day, for the last 2 years. Still going strong and filling fast. Highly recommended!

BSA Portable PCP Electric Compressor. 
Portable air compressor with a 240v power lead and plug which allows it to be used from a domestic socket. The pump also features jump lead style crocodile grips allowing it to be connected to a standard car battery. All you need to do is plug it into your PCP and power it on. The pump features a gauge that can be set to the desired fill volume and will automatically stop to prevent overfilling. Includes spares kit. BSA standard filler probes can be used via a quick fill which is not included with the compressor.


  • Patented technology
  • AC (220V; 110V) & DC (12V), Voltage all in one machine can be controlled through a change-over switch
  • High pressure gas (0-320bar) and low pressure gas (0-20mpa) can achieve accurate automatic shutdown control to ensure all PCP pressure is accurate and consistent
  • Long service life with low maintenance rate
  • Oil free lubrication, no water needed for cooling
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Low sound and vibration
  • Built-in oil and water separation
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty