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QD Swivel Studs Pair - Front and Rear

QD Swivel Studs Pair - Front and Rear

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Sling swivel Quick-Deploy / Release studs.

Long and short wood screw threads for rifle forend and butt stock.

A pilot hole will be needed to prevent the wood from splitting.


The base stud should be placed roughly 13" to 17"  forward of the trigger guard.

Place the stock in a padded vice with trigger facing up.
Drill a countersink hole with a 7/32" drill bit to a depth of roughly 1/8".

Drill in the same hole to a depth of 1/2" with a 5/32" bit.

Insert the 1/2" wood screw base through a spacer washer and screw it into the hole. You can use an allen key or punch to slide through the eye for leverage.